What is a Chakra?
Besides Earth vortexes, such as the Great Pyramid of Egypt and Stonehenge in England,or places in Sedona, Arizona, there are also body or personal vortexes called Chakras. "There are seven main Chakras in the physical body. These swirling wheels of seemingly invisible quantum energy, called Prana in Sanscrit, are the vital force which keeps us vibrant, healthy and alive. Each of these Chakras contain bundles of nerves, major organs, as well as our psychological, emotional and Spiritual states of being.

"When there is a blockage, subtle energy cannot flow." Michelle Fondin, Vedic Master.

Why Is subtle Energy transformation Important?  
We not only experience physical problems, but mental and spiritual ones as well when we are out of balance. 
In other words, we are at dis-ease.


What Can We Expect When Our subtle Energy Is In Balance?  
Because the Chakras are the subtle energy portals of our bodies, we are capable of healing faster, physically, and emotionally, as well
as thinking more clearly, thus better equipped to live our day-to-day lives. 


What Causes our subtle energies To Get Out Of Balance?  
There are a number present and past life experiences that cause the energy portals to become out of balance, causing
blockages, restricting the flow of subtle energy, such as stressful surgery, unexpected trauma such as an accident or emotional trauma. 


What If I Don't Believe In Reincarnation?  
Since we all have Chakras, your belief or disbelief has no effect on subtle energy healing.  At one time, many thought the earth
was flat, It did not affect the fact that it was round. After your balancing/healing you may recognize a lighter, more
expressive energy within you. That alone, will help you with your daily experiences. 


Why Must I Avoid Alcohol Before A Session?
Alcohol in small doses is a stimulant. In large doses it is a depressant and may interfere with the subtle energy transformation changes. Stimulants and depressants interfere with decision making and create denial energy. It is important to be of clear mind. 

What Is A Spirit Guide?
Spirit Guides are souls who have lived in body and who have completed all their Karma and raised their soul to the highest vibration. They assist us in many ways through our intuition. They are the little voices in our head urging us to eat right, avoid danger or solve a problem. They are us, ascended to the highest soul state. We all have the ability to connect with these Guides. Unlike certain Angels and Arch Angels who can rush in, they help whether we ask or not, Guides do not have permission to interfere unless we ask but they do hear our silent prayers, our wishes and hopes. 


How Do I Contact My Spirit Guide?
To contact your Spirit Guide, sit quietly with no distractions, in meditation. Relax, clear your mind (let thoughts just float by), and focus. It is not necessary to speak out loud. Spirit Guides use telepathy to communicate since thought has its own energy. Mentally, say hello. Wait for an answer (signal) or greeting, without expectations. Time and practice improves the connection. Limit questions to yes or no answers. 


 How Do I Make An Appointment?
You can make an appointment to come to the energy room or Because we are dealing with the subtle energy body you do not have to be physically present. You can speak with SANDRA Shea to understand the remote process more clearly.


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