Sandra Shea

Energy Transformer

(941) 281-2561


Hi my friends call me Sandee! I work along side Spirit to assist people every single day to grow and transform their lives. My intuitive abilities are inherited from my mother who was half Cherokee. She truly inspired our entire family to live an open life connected to the Creative Energy.  Once I discovered my Spirit Awareness I have been guided to help people discover how powerful they are and learn about their dynamic energy field.  It brings me joy to offer one on one readings with my clients.

I offer a number of wonderful tools to assist you with your higher transformation.  One of my favorites is a Crystal Bath, which can be an awesome rejuvenating experience.  I have worked in this field for over 50 years of my life, and traveled the world to learn amazing techniques to assist people.


 Classes offered on Subtle Energies 101 -

A Beginners Guide to Understanding Subtle Energies and How They Impact Your Life